Gravitec Systems Partnership


Project Group 2000 has a 15 year partnership with Gravitec Systems, one of the most respected fall protection and rescue engineering firms in the industry. Their curriculum exceeds the Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health, and Environment Training, the highest industry standards for training, published by the American Society of Safety Engineers Fall Protection Standard.  


Gravitec's course uses a combination of classroom and hands-on field work to train workers to maintain 100% fall protection. This includes always having a secondary connection during elevated work, and using a planned approach to rescuing workers at height. There are "challenge" and "rescue" portions of the course, which focus on simplicity and safety techniques. 

At Project Group 2000, we believe that 100% "No Free Climbing" fall protection, rescue training, annual recertification, RF Exposure, First Aid-CPR, 10 Hour OSHA, company health and safety training and enforcement is the foundation for a true "Managed Health & Safety Company Culture." 

-Tom Cameron, CEO


At Project Group 2000, safety is a top priority.

All tower companies claim to have the highest safety policies, but we have created a "safety culture."  This culture is ingrained and groomed until employees enter into a safety contract, allowing them to work among the most dedicated and committed safety professionals in the industry.

  • All employees provided with mandatory, continuous safety training
  • All field crew provided with PG Technology supplied safety equipment
  • Fall protection program & daily tailgate meetings
  • Authorized Gravitec outreach trainer on staff
  • All climbers are competent climber and rescue certified
  • ​Utilize own indoor safety training facility, minimizing risk with controlled environment

 As telecom continues to grow in partnership with OSHA, NATE, ANSI and other safety professionals, so does our commitment to promoting the safest work environment possible.

As we continue to grow our service locations and staff, we recognize that there are tower safety regulations, procedures and client mandated changes that are part of the process. We embrace and support these changes and will continue to develop an effective tower safety program that surpasses industry standards.