Design & Deployment Consulting

  • Construction Program Planning and Program Management (PMO)
  • After Action Audits and Reviews
  • Operational Efficiency Engineering
  • Technical Training.

Micro Cells 

  • Complete Turnkey Installations
  • Pole Attachments, Pole Removal and Replacements
  • Next Generation Overlays (4G / 5G)
  • Electrical Underground Boring & HydroVac
  • Jurisdictional Permitting and Licensing
  • Concrete Flatwork and Repair

The experience you need, the dedication you deserve


We provide a vertically integrated range of services, from planning & design through deployment & maintenance, for wireless, wire line, and data center networks.  

With key expertise in Fiber Networks, Data Centers & Central Offices, and Wireless Radio Access Networks, we can offer project augmentation or turn-key solutions. 

In the delivery of these services, we strive to work efficiently and seamlessly with our customers to get it right the first time, on time, every time

Whether your company needs to repair or upgrade its towers, get back online or install fiber optics for better quality, PG Technology is here to bring you up to speed. We understand that safety, quality control, careful and detailed execution of technical standards, and client communication are paramount in project success.

Not only do our tower crews understand and have extensive experience with critical aspects of communication systems and installation requirements, we also commit to staying ahead of cutting-edge technology.

We are proud to focus on enhancing your existing systems and technology, as well as projecting data capacities with newer technologies like small cell and DAS systems.  We also offer disaster recovery services with experienced disaster recovery and troubleshooting crews, ready to move with immediate action and resolution.


Distributed Antenna Systems

  • ​Complete Turnkey Installations
  • Complete Co-location Installation (New Builds)
  • Next Generation Overlays (4G / 5G LTE-AWS Hybrid – Fi
  • Radio & Antenna Additions

Tower Construction and Installations

  • Complete Turnkey Tower Installations (Raw Land Projects)
  • Complete Co-location Installation (New Builds)
  • Next Generation Overlays (4G/ 5G LTE-AWS Hybrid - Fiber On Tower)
  • Antennas - Coax - TMA - RRH - RRU - RET Systems
  • Ice Bridges - Cable Trays - Booms - Wavelength Installations
  • Obstruction Lighting - Installations Maintenance & Repairs
  • LMR - Public Safety - Specialized Mobile Radio - Installations & Testing
  • Microwave Installations Testing & Repairs
  • Tower Modifications - Upgrades to Meet TIA-EIA Standards
  • Tower - Antenna & line Decommissioning (Removal & Restorations)
  • Low Power Commercial Radio & Broadcast Antenna - Wavelength Installations & Testing
  • Electrical Installation and/or Upgrades

Disaster Recovery

  • Rapid Response - Storm or Natural Disaster Areas
  • Experienced Troubleshooting Crews
  • Testing - Repair - Inspections
  • All Services Available

Electrical Construction

  • Power Systems & Telco Installations - H-Frames - Shelters - Outdoor Cabinets
  • Generator Installations and Upgrades
  • Power Upgrades

Our Services

  • ​Complete, Turnkey Tower Installations
  • Micro Cells
  • DAS
  • Fiber Optics
  • ​Electrical Construction
  • Maintenance & Diagnostics
  • ​Disaster Recovery
  • Design & Deployment Consulting

Maintenance & Diagnostics

Turnkey Flat & Road Work

  • Anritsu - VNA Line Sweeps & Analysis - Troubleshooting
  • PIM Testing & Remediation
  • Fiber Testing (Single-Mode & Multi-Mode OTDR)
  • DAS & Small Cell Antenna - Cabling - Sweep Testing - Fiber Testing Services
  • Microwave Path Alignment  & Path Surveys - VNA Sweep Testing
  • Grounding Systems - Earth Ground System Testing & Installation
  • Tower Inspections - Audits - Inventories - 3rd Party - Structural Analysis
  • MicroCell Diagnostics, Commissioning, and RF Optimization

Fiber Optics

  • Complete Fiber Build Turnkey Installations
  • Pole Attachments, Aerial Construction
  • Underground construction – Plow, Boring and Trenching
  • HydroVac
  • Next Generation Overlays (4G / 5G)
  • Electrical Installations
  • Jurisdictional Permitting and Licensing