Project Group 2000 Certifications

and training

  • Annitsu Line Sweep Certified Technicians
  • PIM (Passive InterModulation) Certified Technicians
  • Fiber (Singe & Multi-mode / OTDR) Certified Technicians
  • Commscope-Andrew Certified Connector Technicians
  • RFS Cablewave Certified Technicians
  • PPC Certified Connector Technicians
  • Tennessee General Contractor License
  • ​St. Louis County Low Voltage License
  • Gravity Systems / In-House Certified Fall Protection & Rescue Trainer
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Construction In-House Safety Trainer
  • RFE-EME Exposure Trained Technicians
  • First Aid & CPR Trained Technicians
  • FCC First Class Two Way Radio Licensed Technicians

beyond the industry standard

Our company and its employees undergo rigorous training and certification processes to ensure we are on top of the latest advances in technology, processes and safety.  

Project Group 2000's clients can have confidence that we are handling their projects beyond industry expectations and standards.